Cutting & Polishing


A. Dalheimer & Co cuts and polishes stones for trade customers and private clients alike. Stones may be cut and polished to preserve and restore natural beauty, to remove damage such as scratches and chips or to be refashioned into a new setting.



Brenton Dalheimer has over 50 years of international experience, using the traditional "jamb peg" method. This style of cutting ensures maximum recovery of material and is particularly suitable for higher valued gemstones such as ruby, sapphire and emerald. This is an important factor in minimising weight and dimension loss when scratched and damaged gems need recutting and polishing and when cutting from rough material. 

For rough material, the matter is carefully inspected to determine which orientation, shape and cut with give the most desirable colour and finished weight (yield). 

An accurate quotation can only be given after examining the material and discussing the work required. However the below is an indication of pricing (not including shipping or GST)

  • Minimum charge for facet repair work is $50

  • Typical charge for faceting most material in standard cuts, 1-2cts ranges between $75-$125

  • Typical charge for faceting corundum, emerald and other such gems in standard cuts, 1-2 its $100-$150

  • Typical charge for cabbing most material, polish only $25-$50, cut and polish $50-$100

  • Special designs and large stones will need to be quoted upon inspection


If you have a job in mind please contact us for a preliminary price and mailing instructions. After examining the work to be done a formal quotation can be provided. Turnaround time is within a week, but can be faster for urgent jobs. 

Due to the inherent risk in gem cutting (primarily internal stress and hidden fractures), all work is undertaken at the customer's risk.