A.Dalheimer & Co

A Dalheimer & Co was founded in 1908 by August, a fifth generation gemstone cutter from a small village, Tiefenstein, in the surrounds of the internationally famous town for gemstone manufacturing, Idar-Oberstein in Germany. August knew of Australia’s existing opal trade and migrated and established the cutting and polishing workshop on the corner of Elizabeth and Little Collins Street, serving Melbourne and the wider jewellery trade. 

His son, also August, followed in the family tradition of acquiring the skills of lapidary taught to him by his father. August, or Gus as he was known, had a brother Ernest, who also worked in the business. Ernest later moved to the world famous black opal mining town of Lightning Ridge in NSW where he continued cutting and polishing. 

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Brenton runs the business today.  As Gus’s son, Brenton began his lapidary career with his father in 1969 learning opal cutting and polishing. Eager to further his knowledge and to learn the art of faceting, Gus sent Brenton to the family home town of Tiefenstein in Idar-Oberstein where he was taught the method of faceting by hand, and facet placement by eye. Brenton continues to cut stones using this method, a true art form, particularly in an industry that is largely automated now. 

In 1993 Brenton established a gemstone manufacturing business in Bangkok, Thailand with some thirty employees. During this time he completed a G.I.A. course in Jewellery Design. This saw an expansion to the business to encompass jewellery design and finished pieces, made with exclusive gems.